Loot River Review: A Satisfying Rogue-Like For Fans
Loot River is one of those games that you want to play from the second you see it. The art style and the unique gameplay mechanics were enough to instantly grab me. Actually playing the game made me glad I trusted that instinct. That being said, the game does have some issues. The art design in this game is top-notch. The pixilated effect on what felt like 3D models works very well and looks great. The little details in “The Sanctuary” - like the pile of bones, and the head and hands statue in the middle of the area are all great for world-building and atmosphere. The water animations in the river whenever you move a platform are very pretty and satisfying. I would just move my platform back and forth every now and then because something about the rippling waves tickled my brain. It also does a great job of emphasizing your speed when you're moving platforms.
Chicken Police - Paint It Red Review: A Zany Noir Throwback
A black and white love letter to the noir genre, from Murder My Sweet to Cowboy Bebop, Chicken Police - Paint It Red doesn’t wear its influences on its sleeve so much as it swings from their chandeliers wearing one of those goofy rubber horse masks. Fans of dime store detective novels who can get past the absurd character designs will find a competently crafted mystery yarn to unravel. Just don’t expect more than one thread.
BITGUN Review: A Rogue-Lite Light on the Rogue
“BITGUN is an action rogue-lite zombie shooter with difficult and satisfying combat you can learn and master. Guns break quickly and you lose all your gear when you die,” according to the game's Steam page. A pretty accurate description for this top-down point and click shooter. However, I’ve found it to be quite misleading. I don't know if I would call this game a rogue-lite. Typically in rouge lites there is a steady, noticeable improvement in how powerful you are and how powerful the hordes of enemies are. Usually, that gameplay is balanced by either giving the player more power the more they progress. Other times it’s mitigated by the player having to learn the ins and outs of each combat encounter. I find that games that strike a fine balance with both are the most successful. BITGUN, sadly, does not find that balance. I did not regret the time I spent with BITGUN. On the surface level, it is a quick pick-up-and-play that would fit right at home on something like the Switch. The controls are responsive and pretty satisfying. Getting right up in front of a group of zombies and blasting them with my shotgun was always my personal favorite way to clear hordes. The UI is pretty simple, though I found myself actually kind of impressed with how much the game's interface actually makes sense. It's really easy to know when you're being poisoned without having to take your eyes off your character since your health bar turns green as your life is draining. And you can just tap ‘q’ to take a medkit until the poison damage stops. There were a couple of times when I was in intense situations with a horde chasing me while I realized I had been poisoned, and I was able to notice quickly without having to stop running.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Review
Let me tell you a little story. About a time before it all went bad. About the last of the good times. The year was 2020. The date was February 24th. Anything seem significant to you about that general timeframe? Yeah. Sonic the Hedgehog was just released in theaters, and it was crushing it at the box office - defying every trope about video game movies in its path. Oh yeah. There was also something else significant happening at that time as well. But we'll get to that.
Nintendo’s EShop is Having a Huge Sale
Nintendo is one of those companies that just doesn’t do sales all that often. So we felt duty-bound to let you all know that a new sale was coming, just in case Christmas hadn’t bled you dry. Note that this sale is strictly for third-party developers, so no Breath of the Wild or Mario Party sales here. Still, there’s some good deals, so let’s run through some of our favourite.
Sony Announced the Playstation VR2!
Sony has never been known for taking risks with how it names its new product. So no one was particularly surprised when they announced their newest foray into the virtual reality space would be called the Playstation VR2.
The Wildest Products shown at CES 2022
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is back once again, and even tho many of the big-name attendees are doing so virtually, it doesn’t mean there isn’t some wild and whacky tech to ogle at. Let’s take a look!
Genshin Impact Leans Conservatively
The free-to-play phenomenon Genshin Impact might be leaning a bit more conservative. The developers miHoYo, based out of Shanghai, announced they will be releasing some more “prude” outfits for four of the game’s characters.