Absolutely Terrible Things Masochistic Sims Players Have Done To Their Characters
Sometimes the best you can do in life is take your bitter frustrations out on innocent Sims characters. Who among us hasn't "played God" in this way from time to time? However, some gamers take it too far and these examples prove that not everyone should have children. Try not to cry (or laugh) at these ridiculous scenarios that people put their Sims through.
The Most Overrated Shooters of All Time
Shooter games were officially "born" when id software released Wolfenstein 3D in 1992. The thrill of being "the hero" was intoxicating and shooter games quickly became an explosive genre (no pun intended). Since then, we've seen first-person shooters implement other genres such as RPG upgrades and/or horror elements that keep the games riveting. However, sometimes developers really miss the mark and screw up what is a pretty straight-forward concept. Here's a few of the shooter games that were overhyped, underdeveloped, or just plain sucked.
Things People Have Actually Received in the Mail Instead of a PS5
The lack of PS5's available has left gamers descending into madness. This is particularity true if fans think the console is on its way but they receive something else in its place. Rumors are swirling about why some people are receiving dog food and various other random oddities instead of the precious PS5. Is there a mastermind thief of several thousand? Are some people faking receiving the wrong thing to be unfairly supplemented? No one is sure, but here are some of the top disappointments in gaming history.
The Most Outrageous Things Dr. DisRespect Has Done
Doctor Disrespect used to just be a guy, ironically named Guy Beahm. Guy came from humble beginnings as a YouTube content creator, but his vicious humor and unmatched gaming skills quickly catapulted him to "icon streamer" status. His mullet wig and sunglasses were a cherry on top. In fact, he's won "Streamer of the Year" twice. But unfortunately, Dr. Disrespect's antics have gotten him in more hot water than he probably planned and they've had some very real-life consequences. Here are some of the most controversial moments of Doc’s streaming career.
The Most Overrated Video Games Of All Times
This one might anger a few of you, but it needs to be said nonetheless! Sometimes we look back at popular games with rose-tinted glasses, completely ignoring the simple fact that not all of our favorite games were very good. Don't get me wrong, I hold a lot of these titles near and dear to my heart but the harsh truth is if we look at these games objectively, they really may have been overrated in a lot of ways. Let's take a look at 10 of the most overrated games ever. Let us know your thoughts below!
Sexy Moments in Video Games You Were Never Supposed to See
Developers are often very sneaky about what adult content they slip into their games. Players are typically quick to catch on though, and find out what tricks are needed to access this content. Below are some of the most notable sexy moments in gaming that you were probably never meant to really find. Do you think some of these developers leaked these secrets themselves? The internet is a strange place.
The Goriest Moments In Video Games
Video game violence has been a highly debated topic for decades. The good thing is, that is certainly not the topic for today. Today we are presenting the top goriest moments in gaming, in no particular order. In recent years, gore has reached new heights in games, achieving some incredibly bloody spectacles for everyone to witness. Check them out below!
The PSP Games We NEED To See On Playstation Plus Premium
The Playstation Portable (PSP) was ultimately a failure in the handheld gaming market. However, it may have just been ahead of its time. With the PSP came an entire library of amazing games which steadily grew more popular over time. Playstation Plus is transitioning into a tiered subscription system with many previous Sony titles being available to play again. These are some of the PSP exclusives that must be included in this new subscription system!
Heartwarming Gaming Moments That Will Renew Your Faith In Humanity
In a world full of darkness, video games are often blamed for creating an atmosphere of de-sensitivity to violence. Moreover, gamers also get a bad reputation for being lazy and hateful. Hopefully this notion is beginning to change, but sometimes change takes time. If you still need convincing that all those hours of gaming were not for nothing, then here are a collection of times when gaming provided everyday people with just the right bits of knowledge and skill to be a real-life hero.
Video Games That Killed People In Real Life
Video games are fun for a myriad of reasons, one of which includes the ability to keep playing after an in-game "death." It gives players that delicious rush of immortality. Unfortunately, real-life doesn't come with any such do-over and the following gamers learned this the hard way. While it's easy to stress the dangers of violent imagery, it turns out blood clots, game induced psychosis and thrombosis are just a few of the more deadly dangers video games can cause.