Every Character Hangout Quest In Genshin Impact Ranked
Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG that begins in the fantastical city of Teyvat. One of the most enjoyable parts of Genshin Impact is the "Hangout Events," in which you essentially hangout with other characters and enjoy their company. All of the choices are determined through your personal decisions and each choice leads to a different ending. Of course, not all company is equally enjoyable, so we rated which characters are our favorite for a little one-on-one time.
Promo Codes For Free Items in Roblox For May
There are all sorts of promo codes that grant you free Roblox virtual goods (such as clothing, accessories and weapons). Roblox codes are only valid for a limited amount of time however, so use them quickly. But remember, if you happen to miss out on any codes, it's okay. New codes are added often! Redeeming Roblox codes is simple – just go to the Roblox promo codes page, enter code and your free treasure will automatically be added to your account. Here's a list of our favorite accessory codes available for May 2022.
Game Franchises That Had a Successful Jump to 3D
In the 90s and early 2000s, our brains began to melt as 3D was added to our gaming lives. Video games were still slightly new to the general public and we'd only just begun getting used to the old "normal" ones. Now they're telling us another quantum leap was added??!! Even worse, a lot of gaming companies didn't have the technology to keep up. And while Nintendo 64 and PlayStation had the budget to go all in, even some of their games couldn't make the cut (RIP). Happily, humanity soon caught on to the perks and beauty of 3D, and our brains evolved once again to enjoy next-level gaming. These are the ten games that made the leap to 3D the most seamlessly.
The Best Switch Games of 2022 So Far
Are you in the market for some new Switch games? With thousands of titles to choose from it's hard to pick something new to play. We went ahead and created a list of the best currently available Nintendo Switch games on the market. Let us know what you think!
Games To Plays If You Loved Switch Sports
With the release of Switch Sports, motion controlled games have made a comeback in popularity. Games similar to Switch Sports have been in the market for a few years now and many players are now accustomed to all the potential of the Switch. Check out this list of games below that will give you the best fix before you get your hands on Switch Sports!
Strongest Pokemon Starters Ranked Worst to Best
Choosing a starter Pokemon has been a constantly evolving discussion among Pokemon fans. Heated debate for the best starter is reignited with every new game. We have a list below of the worst of the best and the best of the best Pokemon starters that are currently available. As always, this is more than likely to change within a year!
The Best Roguelike Games For People Getting Into the Genre
The resurgence of Roguelike games is upon us. A phenomenal collection of games have recently been made for players to sink their teeth into. With such a large variety of new games there is something for every type of gamer out there. Below is a list of the best rogue like games on the market, all of which provide hours of entertainment and some seriously amazing gameplay. Let us know your favorite!
Free (And Good) PS4 Games You Can Play Right Now
Don't cry because we're at the end of the PlayStation 4's life cycle, smile because there's still a multitude of great games left to be played And even better, among these options is a huge selection of games that are entirely free. As you can imagine, some free games aren't worth your time. But with a little digging, we were able to find the 20 best games that won't cost you a thing.
Games On Switch You Should Play If You Like PUBG
"Player Unknown's Battlegrounds," otherwise known as PUBG, is a game that can best be described as an online multiplayer battle Royale. PUBG players often write off the Nintendo Switch because, historically, people who love PUBG appreciate the open-world survival, competitive environments and the realistic combat strategies - and Switch isn't particularly known for that. But for those feeling adventurous enough to wander outside the PUBG universe, try one of the following game suggestions from the Nintendo Switch for some fun twists on a game you love.
The Best Heavy Weapons In Tiny Tina's Wonderland Ranked
Tiny Teena's Wonderlands is chaotic and destructive, both of which are almost perfectly summed up in the heavy weapon choices that the game gives you. However, while Borderlands games of the past boast weapons capable of melting evil bosses in seconds, Tiny Tina's Wonderland's weapons are a little more tame. Therefore, we can't claim that the following list of weapons come anywhere close to some of those found in the Borderlands favorites. However, the following list of heavy weapons are TTW's best and still extremely exciting to use. If rocket launchers don't intimidate you, here are some of the best heavy weapons found in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.