Gamelancer Featured in Us Weekly

With its vast network of content platforms, its access to influencers, streamers, and athletes, and investment in technology that improves the world of gaming, Gamelancer is quickly establishing itself as Gen-Z’s favorite gaming network

Gamelancer Gaming Corp. (CSE: GMNG | OTCQB: WDRGF | FRA: 64Q) (“Gamelancer” or the “Company”), a mobile-focused entertainment company providing brands access to the global gaming audience through its owned and operated channels, has been featured in an Us Weekly article discussing its rapidly growing network, controlling content creation and innovation in a changing media landscape.

CEO Jonathan Dwyer states, “The gaming industry is one that is constantly looking for innovation, and what we’re seeing right now is that the real winners are emerging in a data-first world. It’s understanding who your audience is, who your constituency of viewers is, and consistently providing them with a product that they want to see. This is not a world where people are consuming media in a passive way.”

Gamelancer owns the largest network of social media accounts covering all things gaming. Their content generates over one billion views every month, and they have a grand total of nearly twenty-eight million followers across 23 owned-and-operated channels — a number that is increasing at a faster rate than any other video game editorial channel.

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