Financial literacy campaign with one of Canada's largest banks to be broadcast on Gamelancer's TikTok network

TORONTO, July 12, 2022 - Gamelancer Gaming Corp. (CSE: GMNG) (OTCQB: WDRGF) (FRA: 64Q) ("Gamelancer" or the "Company"), a mobile-focused entertainment company providing brands access to the global gaming audience through its owned and operated channels, is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with one of Canada's largest banks to curate and broadcast a short-form video financial literacy campaign across its TikTok channels. Gamelancer owns not only the largest gaming network on TikTok in Canada, but the largest multi-channel gaming network on TikTok globally.

Produced by Gamelancer Studios, the financial literacy campaign will feature short-form video content curated to help equip the GenZ gaming audience with the right information to make informed decisions when opening their first chequing accounts, choosing a credit card and other personal financial choices. The campaign will be geolocated to Canada when broadcast, and content was filmed with GenZ gamers and influencers from the Vancouver area.

"The 24,000,000+ GenZ gamers on the Gamelancer TikTok network increasingly rely on their online community to aid them in making crucial decisions, such as which financial institution to bank with. Whether opening their first chequing account, getting their first credit card or line of credit, to car insurance and even a mortgage, GenZ gamers gather a lot of the information which informs that decision from their online peers and the platforms they spend time on. Through in-house produced content, curated by Gamelancer Studios in Vancouver, we work with financial institutions to help them connect with the GenZ community on the number one downloaded app and the most popular website in Canada, TikTok." – Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO, Gamelancer Gaming Corp.